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 Amy Rose Nold has been playing since age 9 and professionally since age 20. She is incredibly diverse in the expression of her talent, and has played in multiple genres and venues since 1980 - including directing musical theatre for The Gaslight Follies in Dawson City Yukon and summer repertory theatre in Lindsay Ontario.

Her fine piano skills have graced fine-dining rooms in world class resorts including The Maui Westin and Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. She's played cocktail lounges in Coast Hotels from Edmonton to Nanaimo and points between. Her diversity has expressed itself in Jazz Vespers concerts and work over several years as a choral accompanist for the Pender Island Choral Society. Amy co-generated The Sacred Chant Circle as a kirtan musician and leader from 1999-2010, Victoria BC's first public kirtan experience. Since 2012 she has contracted as a church musician and choir director for The United Church of Brentwood Bay and Shady Creek on the Saanich peninsula near Victoria BC. She continues to actively freelance as a pianist vocalist in the Greater Victoria area, including work with The Phonosonics, a reggae and ska band.  

She is able to set the exact right tone for shadowy lounges, sunlit terraces, weddings and funerals, brings the joy of sing-along to retirement homes, and even offers sacred chant in sacred spaces. She has the capacity to translate from the written score to lively interpretation with true ease. She is an accomplished improviser in many styles and as well as being an avid singer, she's also a song-writer of songs that speak right to the heart of the human condition.


My goal and passion is to offer my performance art in service to the aesthetic and spiritual needs of the communities I work with, and to support the musical expression of other singers and musicians with accompanying expertise.

I am available to perform for weddings and funerals, jazz vespers, private and public gatherings/parties/receptions, etc, choral and other accompanying, musical theatre accompanying or directing, retirement home sing-alongs, and yogic kirtans.


" Amy is one of the most versatile pianists I have worked with. She strongly supports other performers with sensitivity, and improvises very well. Amy is a very intelligent and caring person, driven to perform tasks well. She is a pleasure to work with. Amy Nold has my very highest recommendation." Duane Bates, Music Professor, Queen's University School of Music

"Amy is one of the best pianist/vocalists I have had the pleasure to employ, with a range of music swinging from classic jazz to Chopin with an easy fluid style not often found among classical trained musicians. We recommend her highly". S.R. Miller. Manager, Coast Bastion Inn, Nanaimo, BC

"Amy has been as pleasure to work with. As a musician, she is talented and combines unusual selections to create an exciting flair to any dining room. Amy is dependable, pleasant, and friendly. I highly recommend her." Aris Tsanaklidis, Director, Sound of the Falls, Maui Westin, Hawaii, USA

"I have had the opportunity to work with Amy in two capacities, as a choir member and now director. While singing, I appreciated her abilities to help us learn our parts as she could sense the sections that needed emphasis on their notes during rehearsals. As a director, I found she came to rehearsals well prepared and was very quick to respond to my input. During performances she often had to utilize her skills of adaptability as well as playing with the sensitivity needed when accompanying a choral work.

Amy is the most accomplished accompanist I have known in my ten years with the Pender Choral Society. She is comfortable and very capable in a variety of musical genres." 

Bruce McConchie



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